Socotra Island in Yemen

The Socotra Island and its “Lost World” landscapes and vegetation provide Jurassic era like chill out spots.

Socotra In Yemen

Socotra In Yemen

It is the largest Island in an archipelago of 4 islands in the Indian Ocean, and offers the perfect place to go for anyone look for a unique vacation experience. It provides a remote, tropical setting filled with one of a kind hidden places and exotic vegetation and wildlife.

As a matter of fact, Socotra Island as been called the Indian Ocean’s Galapagos Islands, and has over 700 rare species of flora and fauna thriving there that haven’t been found anywhere else on the planet. The island has also achieved the rating of a World Natural Heritage Site.

If you’re looking for solitude, there are plenty of places on the Island you can visit where you can literally go days without running into fellow tourists. The Islands name comes from the Sanscrit name which means “The Island of Bliss” and the name fits, for a variety of reasons, including the Island’s solitude and tranquility, the sandy beaches that reach up to limestone plateaus, filled with caves to explore, and of course its “Lost World” like botanical appeal.

This Socotra is also a bird watcher’s dream come true with 140 diverse species, 10 that are unique to the island. You’ll find the Socotra warbler, Socotra Cormorants, Cisticola and Sunbird, which are just of few of the unique and delightful birds found here.

There are several one of a kind activities you’ll want to be sure to do during your visit, like taking a diving tour where you can see some fairy tale like shipwrecks or taking a boat trip to Shoab Beach and along the way swim with the Dolphins, truly unforgettable experience. You’ll also want to visit Al Hajarah in Yemen which is a magical, walled in city, surrounds with a light mist that adds a mystical touch; a breathtaking place, filled with Yemen’s unique architecture.

Some feel that getting around Socotra Island can be challenging because there are very few roads, but for open minded travelers this isn’t an issue. This is after all, a unique vacation destination, and the Island is geared toward sustaining its wildlife and awe inspiring landscapes that have been in existence for millions of years. You’ll still easily be able to reach all the best chill out spots and peaceful hidden places, without experiencing all the noise and disturbances of the outside world. Sounds like the vacation of a lifetime to me!

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