Museum Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey

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The Museum Hotel in Turkey provides an unforgettable vacation experience, a wealth of pampering activities and unique chill out spots. It is located in Cappadocia, in Turkey’s Anatolia which has a long and rich history, combining a variety of cultures that made Cappadocia home in the awe inspiring canyons and valleys. Their history is honored throughout the area by the ancient temples, churches and homes that still stand today.

The Museum Hotel is a very unique and luxurious hotel whose goal is to make you feel like royalty. The accommodations consist of 4 arch rooms built to represent Cappadocia’s traditions, provided in 6 unique categories and include deluxe rooms luxurious suites, all embellished with precious, regional artifacts. Each of the rooms are distinct because of the difference in size, designs, views, location and amenities, however all offer star quality living experiences and the perfect place to relax and settle into your holiday.

You can start or finish your day with one of the hotel’s many exclusive massage treatments which includes a soothing rub with a variety of herbs and oils unique to Cappadocia, starting your day of with a feeling of tranquility and peace. You can either visit their Spa area or perhaps enjoy a Cappadocian Rose spa treatment in the privacy of your own beautiful room. After a relaxing spa treatment you’ll want take a dip in the hotel’s Roman pool, one of their most stunning chill out spots.

For a fantastic dining experience, with breathtaking views of Cappadocia, you’ll find the Lil’a restaurant in the Museum Hotel which serves delectable modern Turkish and Cappadocian cuisine, created by world class, award winning chefs. They also offer an al la carte menu prepared using the very best and freshest ingredients. The restaurant even offers cooking classes for those of you who wish to bring the area’s favors home with you.

While staying at the Museum Hotel, you can book a variety of unique and exciting activities like taking a hot air balloon ride over the countryside, one of the best ways to see Cappadoca’s best hidden places and historical sites. You’ll be inspired by how nature and past civilizations have come together here to create a beautifully unique environment, combining naturally rock sculptures and the man made architecture of days gone by.

You’ll also want to book the walking tour, or go horseback riding along the Cappadocia Valley which follows along the Melendiz River where you’ll experience historical wonders like the Byzantine cave dwelling and churches. The Ihlara Canyon itself is filled with 105 cave monasteries, churches, pigeon houses and cave dwellings that are more than 1000 years old. If you really want to experience Turkey’s rich history, be sure to go on this walking tour.

Beyond exploring the historical locations from the Museum Hotel, you can play golf, take a peaceful morning walk, or just spend the day enjoying the Museum Hotel, the perfect place to relax.

To get to the Museum Hotel in Turkey, there are regular shuttle transfers to and from the Kayseri Airport, taking approximately 2 hours.

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