Viking Resort. Phi Phi Island. Thailand

Phi Phi Island is well known for its beautiful scenery but also noisy parties! I visited this place in March 2010 with my husband.

When we arrived at Phi Phi we haven’t got any hotel booked, so we went to Maney Resort (cheap and apparently good for the price!- couldn’t be more misleading!). What a mistake (never go there!:) The “resort” is situated almost 1 km from the beach in the front of skip!:) Obviously, we were desperate to find something new next day as I experience geckos waking on my pillow and my head when I was sleeping!

We found chill out factor

Thankfully, a couple who we met a day before text-ed us about Viking Resort situated not far away from our place. How different was that spot! Their bungalows, restaurant, and facilities are harmoniously designed with the natural settings, giving you a feeling of being one with nature. The resort offer many different bungalows, from very cheap onces (don’t go for those) through more expensive, on a real villas finishing. We choose the semi-expensive option and I definitely think that it was the right option. The bungalows are situated in a small jungle in the front of the private, white sandy beach. There are also not too many passersby as the Viking Resort is situated 25 minute walk from the Phi Phi town center, and not many tourist decide to visit this place when the weather is really hot.

Viking Resort scenery

Each bungalow has a small terrace with a hammock, where you can spend all evening. If you are looking for a company, Viking Resorts restaurant/ bar is a great place. You can have a nice drink there in a beautiful scenery in the front of the beach. The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated with amazing sculptures, paints and natural furniture, In the evening you can even hear hundreds of thousands cicadas make their amazing sound- it is impossible to talk during that!

In my opinion, the location is perfect if you want to escape the noisy town and just want to relax…


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