Madikwe Hills. South Africa

Madwike Hills place to escape…

Madikwe Hills is a huge safari park covering some 75,000 hectares in the North West Province of South Africa. Whilst providing ample time and space to chill out, Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge also provides its guests with the special opportunity of seeing some of Africa’s most loved animals in their natural habitat.

The lodges

Guests stay in luxurious lodges with all the facilities you might expect at most five-star restaurants. However, if you have a bug phobia you will put to the test as most mornings you awake with at least a couple large insects on your mosquito net.

Animals also don’t keep the same hours as us humans so expect to be awoken early (around 3:30am). Don’t worry you’ll be back around 8am at which time you’ll be treated to a hearty breakfast. There is a second safari excursion at 4pm when the heat relents. Apart from that, the day is yours to enjoy as you please. Chill out by the pool, play board games on the deck, or indulge in spa treatment.

The natural scenery…

Although the natural scenery is worth the trip in its own right (there are spectacular sunsets every night) the animals are the real draw. Madikwe is “Big 5” country, and although I didn’t see a leopard on my trip other guests were more fortunate. However, there are a number of lion prides, huge herds of elephants, wild dogs and more zebra, wart hogs and impala than you can shake a stick at. Not to mention the rhino, wildebeest, wild dogs and giraffes that also call the area home.

One of the real highlights is that most lodges look out onto the safari park. During meals and sporadically throughout the day guests are pleasantly surprised by the odd giraffe or herd of elephants ambling by on their way to the favourite watering hole. Wild animals trampling through your back garden…you don’t get that everyday.

When to go?

Best time to go is during the Northern Hemisphere winter. The rain season has dissipated by this point and you’ll be sure of long sunny days. Have a great time!

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