South Africa

Vacations are all about unwinding. The travel to distant places is only an excuse to give you time to soak in a serene atmosphere and help you delve within to feel true happiness. We will cover the best chill out places in South Africa here, that will help you reconnect with your lost selves and feel energized. For most of us, Africa is a land of flora and fauna in all its splendor and beauty. You will not be let down – we will bring nature‚Äôs best to you so you can enjoy in the spirit of the land…

The Kruger National Park is one tourist destination that you cannot miss. If natural landscapes and wildlife beckon you from one end, the luxury of the private lodges that cater to every single need of the tourists will pamper you from the other end. With walking safaris and self drive trails, you can get as close as possible to nature.

The summer sun or the winter chills, the beaches in South Africa look equally good in every season. If you want to feel the pulse of the country, just walk into one of the towns along the beaches. This will not just be a learning experience but will give you the true glimpse of the country. The West Coast, Cape Town or the East Coast, every part of the country is colored with hues and colors of different kind in each of its beaches.

For all those who love adventure, South Africa is also the place to be. This part of South Africa is home to many Indian temples and mosques which gives you a glimpse of the Eastern influence on the country. Durban is also famous for food that will tantalize your taste buds. For a wholesome holiday experience with fun and food, just head to chill out spots in South Africa and feel the energy within you.