Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway

First of all, Norway is one of the most, beautiful, awe inspiring countries on the planet, bursting with majestic terrain, crystal clear lakes and towering mountains gracefully covered with trees, other words a country full of outstanding places to chillout…

The Juvet Landscape Hotel was designed by Jensen and Skodvin, award winning Norwegian architects, to make the most out of the beauty and experience that Norway has to offer. This sparkling, hotel is just a short walk from Gudbrandsjuvet gorge in Norway’s Burtigard, and is one of the area’s most breathtakingly, exquisite, chill out spots.

Hotel facilities

The hotel itself was created in a combined effort between Knut Slinning, the hotel’s owner and the National Tourist Routes. Each of the seven, unattached guest suites were built using at least two glass walls, ensuring that you always have a view of the spectacular, natural wonders that surround you. These hidden places are built on a river bank, among majestic trees including birch, aspen and pine along with boulders amazingly sculpted by nature. When you step out of your guest house, you’ll be blown away by the visions of nature that greet you, any time of the year Each room provides the perfect place to relax, with its own dramatic landscape which changes with the weather, always offering a reminder of what mother nature can create.

The surrounding area

The surrounding area offers an astounding variety of outdoor activities include skiing, a great way to enjoying the beauty of the area, as well as some amazing hiking trails, right at your doorstep. They provide hiking tours that fit the beginner to the more advanced hiker, from taking a leisurely hike to reaching the area’s highest peaks. You can even enjoy a thrilling river run, rushing through waters that have helped form Norway’s landscape over the centuries.

Pure indulgence

If you feel the need to be pampered, you’ll want to spend the day that the hotel’s spa enjoying its pure, invigorating, fresh mountain water. The spa is the perfect place to relax and let yourself unwind, taking in the state of the art architecture harmoniously surrounded by the rugged beauty of Norway.

If you are searching for some amazing chill out spots for your future holidays, consider the Juvet Landscape Hotel and its offer of tranquility amidst the beauty that only this area can provide.

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