La Villa Des Orangers

If you want to live like royalty the La Villa Des Orangers in Marrakech hotel provides 5 star chill out spots and luxuries that are guaranteed to make your “Live Like The Rich and Famous” dreams come true.

La Villa des Orangers- swimming-pool

La Villa des Orangers- swimming-pool

Located in the heart of Marrakech, this star hotel provides a peaceful haven just minutes from all the local flair that makes the city such an exciting and exotic place to visit. The desert and majestic Atlas Mountains in the distance provide the perfect backdrop and sunny weather that draw tourists to the area from all over the world to enjoy its enticing beauty and warmth.

Everything at the La Villa Des Orangers has been carefully put together to deliver an alluring experience seldom found in other accommodations in the area, all focusing on your comfort and happiness. Every inch of the hotel is elegantly decorated and the grounds are embellished with a beautiful, spacious garden and inviting courtyards and hidden places to unwind. This beautiful exotic oasis in the middle of the desert offers 5 guestrooms and 14 lavish suites decorated in a rich Moroccan fashion that is a spectacular combination of comfort and luxury which is literally impossible to put into words. All of the rooms face the exquisitely embellished Riad’s interiors and all around you you’ll find lush green patios and eye catching fountains create unforgettable chill out spots. Some of the amenities available in the rooms include air conditioning and heating, satellite TV, telephone service, a mini bar, iPod dock, DVD player, a safe and a hair dryer.

Guests can enjoy hours of peaceful bliss laying in the sun or taking a leisurely walk in the garden that is scented with the lovely scent of oranges from the orange trees. The 3 fireplaces at the hotel provide peaceful place to relax or to connect with fellow travelers. Guests will also have the option for some private time at one of the lovely hidden places on a rooftop terrace or the beautiful patios nestles around the hotel. The restaurant offers a delicious combination of Mediterranean, French and Moroccan influenced delicacies that can be served on one of the lovely patios or by the pool if you prefer.

The La Villa Des Orangers offers a wealth of special amenities including a cigar cellar, health facilities, beauty salon, the three swimming pools with one that is located on the roof. The rooftop pool area offer spectacular views of the Atlas Mountains and the magnificent Koutoubia Mosque which when illuminated at night is an awe inspiring sight. There is also a bar that is open all day that is the perfect place to relax, eat some Moroccan sweetmeats and sip a refreshing mint tea; it simply doesn’t get any better than that!

If you can break away from this glorious place, you really should take a walk to the Jemaa El Fna Square and visit the souks, enjoy fresh juice or some tasty Moroccan treats. It’s an entirely different environment then that of the La Villa Des Orangers but is one worth experiencing. There is so much going on in the square with vibrant splashes of bright colors everywhere thanks to vendors selling colorful handbags, shoes, fabrics and crockery. It really is an assault on the senses and a wonderful adventure to experience during your stay in Marrakech.

After your exciting day of snake charmers, acrobats and shopping, returning to your private oasis is the perfect way to end the day in your very special chill out spots at the Hotel La Villa Des Orangers. It offers peace and tranquility like you’ve never experience before, in luxurious accommodations that you would have thought only royalty had the opportunity to enjoy.

Morocco has 12 international airports and the Marrakech Airport is close by serving international airlines and charter planes coming from Europe, the Middle East and North and South America.

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