Alberobello & Trulli

Alberobello, Italy is one of the country’s most unique and exceptional chill out spots that has been selected by UNESCO as a world heritage site as well as being recognised as a National monument by Italians for over 100 years.¬† check hotels and prices

Alberobello Trulli- walking path

Alberobello Trulli- walking path

It is known for its legendary trulli zones, magical places filled with ancient peasant houses with their unique conical roofs, built centuries ago from limestone prevalent in the area. These trulli attract thousands of visitors, happily strolling through the narrow streets, taking in the views of the amazing structures of days gone by.

The most basic,single cone trulli have a single open area with one or two small alcoves off of the living area for sleeping. Quite a few have been added to over the centuries, creating a complex formation of rooms and living areas. These trulli stand out throughout Alberobello because of their multiple cone roofs. Most of the trulli are topped off with an fascinatingly designed pinnacle along with a symbol that someone centuries ago proudly painted on. Some of the symbols are Christian however others have been said to be pagan or mystical in nature. No one know for sure the meaning of all the symbols which gives the area part of its charm and mystery, and a feel for the history of these special hidden places.

Alberobello itself is a quaint village with a population of less than 12,000, however weekends and holiday seasons find travellers visiting to enjoy this enchanting, living monument. Everything is fairly close together and within a comfortable walking distance, making it easy to enjoy this amazing destination, filled with peaceful terraces and charming steep paths worth conquering to find even more unique, hidden places. You’ll also find numerous cafe’s along the way, the perfect place to relax after taking in all the amazing sights.

For the best shopping in Alberobello, you’ll want to visit Rione Monti, which has a wonderful variety of shops, restaurants and bars, amazing chill out spots where you can sample the wonderful local wines, taste the local cuisine in this, oh so perfect, place to relax. If you’re a pizza lover, don’t miss stopping in at one of the many Pizzeria’s for the best pizza you’ve ever tasted. When you’re ready for some retail therapy, you’ll find the shops filled with exquisite silver jewelry and colorful, handmade ceramics, and a variety of other exceptional handicrafts.

Alberobello is just a little bit over 12 miles, a 30 minute drive from Fasano and about 20 miles, a 45 minutes drive, from Taranto.

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