Java Island

Java is the 5th largest island in Indonesia and the most populous island in the world! It is formed from volcanic lava (it contains thirty-eight mountains forming an east-west spine which have at one time or another been active volcanoes). The beautifully situated Java lies between Bali (to the east) and Sumatra (to the west) and is surrounded by Java Sea and Indian Ocean and is definitely of of the most beautiful places on Earth with an endless number of spots to relax. The entire island is divided into four provinces West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Banten, with two special districts of Jakarta and Yogyakarta.
West Java
The most populated part of the island with its capital in Bandung. Its very easy to access from Jakarta which is The Province has a great number of attractions, making it very attractive for tourists. From the wildlife reserve of Ujung Kulon on the south- western tip of Java and the isolated communities of the mysterious Baduy to the unspoiled beaches, West Java is a great place for those looking for a wide range of activities. Also, the royal palaces of Cirebon and the world renowned botanical garden in Bogo, are places definitely worth visiting.
Central Java
Central Java is the most vibrant part of the Indonesian island, with Yogyakarta- the heart of cultural, geographic, and historic heritage, is currently a separate political entity. The region is best known for its two A-list UNESCO World Heritage Sites- Borobudur (an ancient Buddhist temple) and Dined Plateu (an upland volcanic plain with ancient Hindu temples). It a great location for tourists interested in discovering the historical and religious background of the country
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