There are thousands of chill out spots in Indonesia, you just need to know how to find them... The Republic of Indonesia is spread across South East Asia and Oceania. It is the fourth most populous country in the world, with Jakarta being the capital city of Indonesia. With vast wilderness areas, Indonesia is supporting the second highest biodiversity level in the world. Indonesia is comprised of 17,508 islands and nearly 6,000 of these islands are inhabited. The major islands considered as excellent chill out spots in Indonesia are Java, Sumatra, Bali, and Borneo. The natural greenery of this country could be measured by the fact that around 60% of the land area is covered by forests.
The wide range of coastal and sea ecosystems consists of beaches, estuaries, coral reefs, mangroves, sand dunes, algal beds, sea grass beds, tidal flats, coastal mudflats, and small island ecosystems make Indonesia a huge biodiversity area and an ideal place to chill out. Tourists all over the world know that Bali is one of the best chill out places in Indonesia, with its breathtaking beaches and abounding natural beauty. However, several other places exist in this unique country. Komodo National Park consists of several islands and looks like a huge savanna with lontar trees. This national park, with its water tourism attractions of fishing, canoeing, snorkeling, boating, and diving activities, is one of the best chill out spots in Indonesia. You could also indulge in camping, hiking, and observing rare wildlife here. For those who like diving most, Bunaken Marine Park, north of Sulawesi Island, is an ideal place, with 10 top diving sites, offering diving up to depths of 100 meters. Another chill out place in Indonesia, full of natural beauty, is Toba Lake, situated in North Sumatra. It is the world’s largest volcanic lake. Of course, who can miss the Dreamland Beach and Kuta Beach in Bali Island? 
[/tab] [tab] Java is one of the 5th largest island of Indonesia. It is almost entirely volcanic origin and contains thirty-eight mountains forming an east-west spine. Java is also a culture center of Indonesia with its social, political and economic life. 
Bali is the perfect destination for those looking for a luxury holiday with dreammy views of the oceans and long, sandy beaches. It is also the most expensive place of Indonesia 
Sumatra is the second largest Island (after Borneo), devasted by the earthquake in 2009, continues to rebuild... Sumatra is completely differnt from Bali. It is a great place for those looking for adventure. The island is the kind of demanding ride that requires a dusty knapsack and tough travelling skin. 
Borneo (Kalimantan)-the largest part of the island belongs to Indonesia and is one of the less visited provices of the country. with its exotic forest, rivers and mountain and the most unusal animal spieces, Borneo is the best places for those looking to discover unknown, wild places. 
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