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India is full of awe inspiring chill out spots offering a unique combination of cultural contrasts and one of a kind landscapes. You'll find lively contemporary metropolitan areas, deserts, beautiful beaches, backwaters lined with palm trees and an amazing variety of historical attractions. Your breath will literally be taken away by the fairytale like visions of the Taj Mahal at night and the breathtaking Himalayan mountains which have been inspiring travellers since Roman times.
Each region of this beautiful country offers their own unique lifestyle and geography and a multitude of hidden places that are a traveller's dream come true. The cuisine, clothing and lifestyles change with each region you visit, providing you will a perfect place to relax as well as adventures to enjoy at every turn. You'll find a variety of festivals, celebrating life and religion throughout the year, and if you love outdoor activities, India won't disappoint. You can enjoy a boat ride in the sparkling waters near one India's warm beaches, keep your eye out for the amazing jungle life on a wildlife safari, or find the perfect chill out spots while you enjoy a peaceful walk through the lush, pine filled forests.
If you're a history buff, India will take you back in time via their incredible and magical historical attractions like, of course, the Taj Mahal, Hampi, a charming village filled with ancient ruins, the Khajuraho Temples, celebrating life, love and religion through their age old, intricate carvings and sculptures. These are just of few of India's amazing hidden places that you won't want to miss. 
When it comes to Indian food, what's not to like? From the spice filled, mouth watering curries, to the to superb fish and vegetables dishes, you'll get to enjoy a literal smorgasbord of delicious cuisine. 
No matter what you're looking for in a vacation, whether its outdoor fun, breathtaking landscapes or soaking up the intriguing history of this wonderful land, you'll find the perfect chill out spots in India. And once you've visited, you'll leave with the memories of a lifetime that you'll never forget. The beauty and magic of India will always have a special place in your heart. 
To travel to India you can take national airline providers like Air India, Indian airlines and a variety of commercial airlines. 
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Fridays Place, Poovar Island, Kerala

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