Mount Roraima

If you want to go back in time 2 billion years, Mount Roraima (Tepui) and its mind blow chill out spots will take you there. All I can say is “amazing!”

Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima

Its fascinating majesty, that mother nature managed to carve out the landscapes here, is one of the earth’s earliest geological formations, literally making anyone lucky enough to experience it feel like they’ve stepped back in time billions of years.

Mount Roraima truly offers an unforgettable vacation experience that would be perfect for any tourist who loves adventure and magnificent, ancient chill out spots. Just recently, explorers discovered caves that were 2 billion year old on Roraima and who knows what they’ll find next. You’ll also find some of world’s many spectacular chill out spots on the Guiana Shield and in Canaima National Park, which every passionate explorer should check out while touring the area.

Mount Roraima and its surroundings are actually the locations that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write The Lost World, the classic novel that he wrote in 1912. He imagined prehistoric creates and cavemen thriving atop the mountain’s summit, far above the earth below. His imaginative ideas aren’t that far from the truth- scientists have called the Tepuis the ‘islands in time’ because of the unique species that have developed in total isolation at the summit for billion of years.

Backpacking Mount Roraima is an experience in itself and the guided tours here provide several choices including taking the same route Sir Everard Ferdinand im Thurn followed hundred years ago. There are a variety of tours all over the mountain and park, typically using four wheel drive vehicles with highly qualified, bilingual personnel. You can also take a leisurely walk through the grasslands, perfect for photo opportunities and a great place to relax from time to time. You can also enjoy a helicopter ride over the area and check out the breathtaking Angel Water fall and Mount Auyantepuy. If you’re up for an extended camping experience most tour companies in the area provide 6 day tours as well which take you to the summit. Once you’ve reached the top, you get to camp out, a truly remarkable experience and one of a kind place to relax after your trek up the mountain.

Canaima National Park is home to the Pemon Indians, who are native to the area. They have a passionate and respectful connection with the Tepuis, and believe that they are home to the ‘Mawari’ spirits. The park is fairly remote, with just a handful of roadways connecting the local towns, which is a draw for travelers who enjoy peaceful surroundings and have a love of nature. Most transport inside the park is carried out by light plane, on foot and in canoes, a fun way to get around. The Pemons have designed some simple as well as luxurious camps around the park for the tourists who come to explore their magnificent land.

The Canaima National Park was honored as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1994, as a natural reserve, and it’s easy to see why when you visit. Mount Roraima and Canaima National Park are a couple of the world’s best kept secrets with plenty of awe inspiring chill out spots left to be discovered.

To get to the Mount Roraima area, you’ll want to call Ciudad Bolívar Airport where you’ll be able to find out your best travel options.

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