Eze in France

The romantic, medieval village of Eze is nestled on the Moyenne Corniche in between Nice and Monaco, and has become one of France’s most sought after chill out spots.

Eze in France

Eze in France- street view

It sits majestically above the Mediterranean, providing panoramic views like you’ve never seen before. The villagers here have lovingly restored the ancient buildings, fountains and winding walkways, keeping it in tune with the history that originally created it.

To enter the village of Eze, you travel a modest, rocky path with excellent views of the gardens that encompass the Château de la Chèvre d’Or. Once you enter, you’ll find the village filled with lovely, flower filled window boxes, awe inspiring architecture and panoramic views of the Mediterranean and its coastline, the perfect place to relax and breath in the sights that surround you.

The year round warm, Mediterranean weather here has created a lush, tropical environment with a variety of vegetation including lemon, orange and carob trees, and delicious dates and bananas used to create some of the villages many delicacies. Just down the hill you’ll find the beautiful beach in the “baie d’Eze” protected by pine trees which provide shade from the sun and private hidden places along the gorgeous water’s edge. This is just one of many of Eze’s peaceful places to relax.

One of the most popular chill out spots in Eze is the Jardin d’Eze, a spectacular garden that boasts a lovely variety of plants and vegetation along with historical sites like the ruins of a 12th century castle, sitting majestically on a slender peak looking over the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

Many of the people who live here are talented artisans, so if you love to shop for unique gifts with a artistic flair, you’ll love spending time strolling through the many charming shops. You’ll find beautiful paintings, colorful ceramic art and other handmade creations that are sure to delight you. You’ll also find perfumeries, and a fantastic assortment of aromatic spices for sale.

In between all your adventures here, you’ll find the perfect place to relax in one of their many restaurants or cafe’s and enjoy a cool drink and some of the delicious French or Mediterranean cuisine. Take your time, chat with the villagers or fellow travellers, sharing a story or two about the history of Eze or one of your many experiences here, in one of France’s most unique chill out spots.

The Nice airport is only 18 km away, an easy, 30 minute trip. To enter by road, take the A8, followed by taking one of the coastal roads.

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