France Provides The Very Best in Chill Out Spots, Hotels and Experiences…

France is a spectacular country, full of sensational chill out spots and more hotels than anywhere else in Europe. It is the world’s favorite vacation destination and it’s not hard to see why. France literally has it all, and all of its regions offer something for everyone. You’ll find breathtaking castles, pristine beaches, world renown historical monuments and some of the best cuisine and finest wines you’ve ever tasted. When you visit France, here are just a few the regions you’ll want to be sure to explore.


Paris, referred to as “The City of Light” because of the its overwhelming beauty, is one of the most romantic and enchanting cities in Europe and offers a multitude of wonderful things to do for everyone, including the very best restaurants, unforgettable wines, high fashion shopping experiences and historical landmarks like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Pompidou Centre. Each quarter of Paris has its own unique, hidden places, making for the perfect vacation experience.

French Riviera

Wrapped protectively by the majestic Alps, The French Riviera is beautifully situated along the Mediterranean and offers a pleasant, tropical like climate, and is one of France’s best chill out spots. You can sail the Mediterranean, visit the amazing vineyards or just find a place to relax their the beaches. You can play golf, hike or take one of the many tours through the area and see it all. You’ll also find a wonderful variety of hotels, most within walking distance to a variety of amenities as well as more intimate hidden places to enjoy some quiet time.


Normandy is filled with the breathtaking, natural beauty inspired Monet and Maupassant. If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, this is the place for you. Most visitors that stay here pack into the magical Mont St. Michel, Rouen and the unforgettable seaside Honfleur, known for their extreme beauty. The hotels in Normandy suit every taste from boutique hotels to bed and breakfast’s to the luxurious.

South West France

South West France offers a stunning amount of idyllic pleasures and amazing chill out spots. You’ll want to check out the area’s amazing caves and unforgettable winery’s where you can taste their world class wines. You’ll also find wonderful markets where you can indulge yourself with fresh fruits and vegetables and handcrafted items made by local artisans.


Fills with signs of days gone by, Provence give you the opportunity to step back in time. Provence has lovingly preserved their medieval villages and palaces and is filled with Côtes-du-Rhône vineyards and breathtaking gorges. You can follow the footsteps of Van Gogh and Picasso, shop at the weekly markets, stopping at a bistro for lunch, the perfect place to relax


Brittany offers incredible beaches and water fun, medieval towns and monuments, festivals that to take you back in time to a rich, Celtic past and more. Brittany not only is the perfect place to relax with a little beach combing and swimming, you can easily find a quiet cove here and there, the perfect chill out spots.


Bordeaux, is known around the world for its spectacular wines. In Bordeaux, you can not only enjoy the outdoors with its lush, amazing scenery, but can enjoy a great glass of wine or a drink while you dance the night away at one of the area’s many nightclubs or bars, in La Victoire or Les Quais. If you’re up for it you’ll also want to climb up the tower of Saint-Michel and take in the unbelievable, panoramic views of Bordeaux.