Adrere Amellal in Siwa, Egypt

If you’ve always wanted to experience the harsh beauty and magical ambiance of Egypt, the Adrere Amellal hotel, located in Siwa, Egypt, a peaceful Oasis which will make your dreams come true with its secluded and tranquil chill out spots.

Adrere Amellalin Siwa- Egypt- desert lodge dining-out

Adrere Amellalin Siwa- Egypt- desert lodge dining-out

Its unique, exquisite setting will bring to mind all the reasons that Egypt is known as one of the most extraordinary ancient civilizations the world has ever known. The hotel is built into a sandstone mountain, perfectly blending with the mysterious environment that surrounds it along with olive trees and date palms providing that romantic and ethereal Egyptian touch. To finish off this perfect picture you’ll love the fact that the Adrere Amellal faces the seemingly endless Siwa Lake.

When you stay at the Adrere Amellal hotel, you’ll immediately leave the stresses of the outside world behind you, losing yourself in its tranquil, unique surroundings. You’ll find the quiet that falls around you in the evening serene and the stars in the sky a vision to behold. As a matter of fact, the only light you’ll see here in the evening comes from the stars, the beeswax candles you’ll find all over the hotel, and the hundreds of hurricane lamps that lead to you through these exceptional accommodations.

The lodge itself was built using local materials like salt and mud bricks and palm wood in their efforts to keep with a sustainable living plan. Even a good portion of the meals served here are created using organic foods grown on the hotel grounds. You’ll taste the difference because the fresh fruits and vegetables served at the Adrere Amellal are literally bursting with flavor. Meals at the hotel are one of a kind events by themselves with breakfast being served by the lake, lunches under the palm trees that surround the swimming pool and dinners served a different place every night; how fun is that? One night you’ll dine on one of the hotel’s outdoor terraces under the stars, the next in one of lovely courtyards, the perfect hidden places to enjoy a delicious meal. Even the food is varied, with scrumptious choices like pumpkin couscous, herb dusted chicken, shish kebabs, topped off by a deliciously sweet pudding dessert.

Every one of the lovingly crafted rooms, 40 in all, is special, creating an exceptional feeling of Egyptian history and peaceful ambiance, chill out spots at their finest, blending into the country’s unique landscapes. All the furnishings and embellishments have been hand crafted by local artisans and are showcased by the intimate candles that light the room. The hotel doesn’t have electricity however most visitors appreciate this fact, enjoying the unique effect the candles and lanterns have around the hotel. Some of the rooms have balconies or terraces and a few give you the option of sleeping under the stunning Egyptian stars. The rooms are decorated with soothing desert hues, with Siwan rugs for added color and lovely red stone bathrooms with showers heated with gas fired boilers.

Other amenities at the Adrere Amellal include a bar, guest lounge, terrace, library, internet access, in room spa treatments, vegetarian menu if desired, organic produce, assistance booking desert excursions and airport transfers.

Siwa is not your typical Oasis. Its 80 km long and 20 km wide, filled with over 70,000 olive trees, 300 palm trees and a huge selection of fresh water springs. One of the biggest draws to the area is its unique and isolated character, providing endless chill out spots. There are numerous desert excursions offered in the area and biking and horseback riding are popular activities here. One of the most fun ways to get around is via Donkey carts which are typical handled by local children. Shopping is a great experience here as well with each village selling a colorful assortment of crafts, jewelry, woven baskets and even gorgeous wedding dresses.

For a truly one of a kind place to relax you’ll want to dip into Cleopatra’s Bath, a rock pool fed by a natural hot spring. For some heavenly hidden places to relax visit Fatna Spring which is surrounding by lush greenery and palm trees, one of the area’s perfect chill out spots where you can relax and watch Egypt’s breathtaking sunsets. Another must see is the Mountain of the Dead which features rock cut tombs dating back to Roman times.

It’s impossible to clearing translate to the reader the magical qualities of the Adrere Amellal hotel and all the activities in the area that are guaranteed to make your stay a memorable one; you’ll just have to visit and see for yourself. Seriously, seeing is believing when it comes to the sensational Siwa Oasis and the Adrere Amellal, Egypt.

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