Naked Retreats in Moganshan

Naked Retreats in Monganshan, China- is where nature reserves and luxurious accommodations create the perfect chill out spots…

Naked Retreats- bamboo forest

Naked Retreats- bamboo forest

Naked Retreats in Monganshan, China were created by Grant Horsfield, who dreamed of a peaceful, sustainable environment where visitors could get away from it all in the natural, exquisite surrounding of China. He found a way of combining the China’s ancient environments with the luxuries of the present, without compromising what make the country unique, creating enchanting chill out spots. When visitors come to either of his Naked retreats they find a peace and quiet so complete that they’ll literally be able to hear the rustling of bamboo leaves and the birds singing their songs among the lush greenery. You won’t have to suffer the sounds of car horns and sirens, just the babbling of a stream or the light laughter of visiting children.

The Naked Home Village

Naked Retreats- Home Village- the lake

Naked Retreats- Home Village the lake

The Naked Home Village offers hidden places to relax, all privately located in a narrow gully on the upper inclines of the mountain. The accommodations here are actually farm houses that have been converted into luxurious, one of a kind hidden places that are perfect for romantic getaways, groups of friends and even families; basically, anyone looking for some peace and tranquility, surrounded by all that Mother Nature has to offer. Some of the renovated abodes include wood fire ovens, kitchens and garden areas, and all have comfortable bedding and luxury amenities.

Activities at the Naked Home Village include concerts from time to time, mountain biking, fishing, a variety of nature walks and even tea picking, followed by a indulgent meal of fresh, local cuisine. The Naked Home Village also offers an assortment of spa treatments, the perfect place to relax with a massage after a long day exploring your surroundings. You can even limber up and find your center by taking part in yoga classes.

Naked Stables Private Reserve

Naked Stables- Private Resort - Yurt Inside

Naked Stables- Private Resort – Yurt Inside

The Naked Stables Private Reserve is the second of the Naked Retreats. It is all about promoting personal wellness, taking a holistic approach to optimal health and well being through a healthy diet, personally tailored holistic treatments and exercise. The restaurants serve delicious, healthy cuisine created with only the freshest ingredients. You’ll love their magnificently designed wellness centre deep in the lush surrounding forest, or their state of the art gym, meditation and yoga pavilions. There are also a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy including biking, hiking, horse back riding or just swimming in of the reserves 3 spectacular swimming pools, or simply relax in the Jacuzzi.

Accommodations at Naked Stables are a combination of roomy tree top Villas or 1 bedroom earth huts, sprinkled over the vast, secluded valley. No cars are permitted on the reserve so guests access their living spaces by electric buggy or on foot.

The Naked Stables Private Reserve provides individual service and are always on call to meet all your needs. You’ll have a host that will assist you from the moment you check in until you depart. They will help arrange activities, stock your bar or barbecue, arrange a babysitter or even a personal cook. Other services and amenities include concierge service that will handle your laundry needs and scheduling for the nearby golf courses and other activities.

Both of these unique Naked Retreats offer the perfect chill out spots for anyone who wants to connect with nature, a healthy lifestyle and truly getting a chance to experience the majesty of China’s ancient environments.

The Naked Retreats and Moganshan are approximately 2.5 hours from Shanghai. The retreats offer private transportation to Shanghai and the Hangzhou Airport and train stations.

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