British Columbia, Canada

Those seeking out British Columbia for a place to chill out can arrive by plane or car in lovely, Vancouver.


A feeling of welcome greets travelers when they enter this city. Vancouver is named for the British explorer who mapped the area in the 1790s, Captain George Vancouver. While the metropolis is the most populated area in Western Canada, Vancouver is known as a centre for culture, parks, and recreation, and visitors can take in site and activities at their leisure.

When it comes to the arts, the city draws on its diversity for a rich mixture. Famous theatre companies such as Vancouver Playhouse Company and the Arts Club Theatre Company perform often. The Vancouver International Film Centre, The Vancity Theatre, celebrates independent film throughout the year. The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the Vancouver Opera offer fabulous musical programs. Visual arts and other cultural arts leave their mark on the city, as well.

For parks, the most prominent is the more than four hundred hectares of Stanley Park right near the heart of Vancouver. A path encircles the entire park, a place for walkers, bikers and explorers. Old growth forest covers much of the area and mounted police patrolled the park. The Queen Elizabeth Park is fifty-two hectares of park at the highest elevation in the city. From the many lookout points, visitors see amazing views of the city spreading out below. Gardens, an arboretum and more make this park worth a visit as their relaxing atmosphere makes them a perfect chill out spot, and many other parks dot the cityscape of Vancouver.

Whistler and the activities

While some events happened closer to Vancouver, British Columbia, the resort town of Whistler was the place where many of 2010’s Winter Olympics occurred. The village is located less than two hours north of Vancouver. The climate and terrain makes the area around this picturesque mountain town with the clear mountain air is perfect for any number of outdoor sports. In the winter, people come for excellent skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities, and during the summer, people come to discover the mountains, scenery and enjoy hiking and mountain biking.

Southeast of Whistler lies the pristine, Garibaldi Provincial Park along the Sea to Sky Highway that passes through Whistler. People can enjoy backcountry camping, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, and hiking in the summer and cross-country skiing and other snow sports in the winter. Some of the park features include Panorama Ridge, Garibaldi Lake, Wedgemount Lake and Whistler Mountain. Other mountains, lakes and many trails compose this wilderness park.


Tofino, British Columbia is on the western side of Vancouver Island on Highway 4, over six hours by car and ferry across the Straight of Georgia from Vancouver. The town used to be a fishing and logging village, but now scenic Tofino is an ecotourism site. In both summer and winter, people like to stay in Tofino and visit the remote hot springs forty-five kilometres north of town and accessible by floatplane or watercraft. Most visitors visit the village during the summer, but some people like to stay in town relaxing during the winter and watch the winter storms over the water.

During the summer, Tofino is popular for surfers, campers, whale watchers, those who enjoy fishing, and those who just want to come and observe nature in a natural setting. These and many more leisure sports and activities help people get away, unwind, chill out. Since Tofino is close to Longbeach, many people split their time between Tofino village and beautiful Longbeach, British Columbia.

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