Cambodia, Land of Natural Beauty

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by King Norodom Sihamoni. Capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. Famous for its Angkor Vat temples, several other excellent chill out spots in Cambodia also make this scenic country one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve in Cambodia is spread across nine provinces of this country. This unique ecological reserve was nominated as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1997. The Tonle Sap Lake contains 850 species of fresh water fish. Cruising in the lake allows the tourists to relax by watching the culture of the local people and the birds in the water flooded forests. The entire country boasts of another 212 mammal species, 240 reptile species, 536 bird species, and 435 marine fish species.
Other popular chill out places in Cambodia include the dry forest area in Ratanakiri and Mondolkin provinces, the Botum-Sakor National Park, the Cardamom Mountains ecosystem with Bokor National Park, and the wildlife sanctuaries of Phnom Samkos and Phnom Aural. The isolated areas of Ratanakiri and Mondolkin provinces provide excellent views of picturesque mountains and beautiful plantations, along with the unique hill tribal people. Sihanoukville in south east region and Kep are among other chill out spots in Cambodia with their several famous beaches and islands.  
The globally renowned Angkorian temples, built in ninth century have intrigues even archaeologists, while fascinating millions of tourists for centuries. The temples include the spectacular Angkor Vat, considered as the largest religious monument in the world. The other temples are Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm Temple, Bakheng Temple, Bakong Temple, Takeo Temple, Preah Ko Temple, Prasat Kravan, Bateay Srei, and Banteay Kdei. The friendliness, natural warmth, and hospitality of the Cambodian people provide a special experience, with so many chill out places in Cambodia.  
Monkey Island- Cambodia

Monkey Island. Cambodia

Koh Rong or Khao Rung called Monkey Island has loads to offer. It is unspoiled island about 44 kilometers off the Sihanoukville coast of Cambodia. It covers around 78 kilometers what makes Monkey Island the biggest island off that cost. Being the biggest one, is pretty amazing that the Island is not developed almost at all. The huge part of the island is covered […]