Top Relaxing places in New York

NY central Park

NY Central Park

When you find yourself in the city that never sleeps, it can sometimes become overwhelming and you just want to find somewhere quiet where you can just go and enjoy quaint surroundings without the hussle of everyday life and this is particularly essential in the metropolis of New York. Here, I have suggested 5 places to escape the mayhem of New York.

Riverside Park

Set against the banks of the River Hudson, Riverside Park is perfect for escaping New York as well as offering breathtaking views of the River Hudson. This 4 mile long, 266,701 acre park is extremely popular with cyclists and joggers as it wide paths and open spaces are combined with the cool breeze blowing from the river. The park also has several benches for the perfect chill out and is less busy than the alternative, Central Park.

Brooklyn Heights

If you want to escape the madness of Manhattan but still want to feel a part of it then cross the Brooklyn Bridge and walk along the Brooklyn Heights promenade. The promenade has numerous benches for you to sit on and take it one of the most breathtaking views of New York. You will be able to see the height of lower Manhattan, the magnitude of the Empire State Building in the background and the architectural brilliance of Brooklyn Bridge. Perfect for escaping your troubles and just relaxing whilst enjoying one of the most breathtaking views in the world.

Harlem Meer

While many people associate Central Park with tourists, the north-eastern corner near Harlem contains a hidden gem of the park. Harlem Meer is a 11 acre water space containing numerous forms of different wildlife such as fish, turtles and waterfowl. Allows the visitor to witness all of the beauty and history of being in one of the most iconic parks in the world but without the crowds. A ideal relaxing location.

Battery Park

Set in the heart of downturn Manhattan is the 25 acre Battery Park. Battery Park overlooks New York Harbour but it is the difference to its surroundings that make Battery Park so relaxing as it stands amongst the concrete jungle of downtown Manhattan. The park is also full of monuments so also allows you the time to think about those less fortunate such as the fallen victims in WW2 and also the September 11 terrorist attacks in the city. The Park also offers stunning views of New York Harbour and the Statue of Liberty in one direction and lower Manhattan on the other.

Governor’s Island

A island just off the mainland of Manhattan, Governor’s island has only been open since 2005 as it was a military base before. There is a free ferry to the island and once there, you find 172 acres of green space whilst enjoying the views of Manhattan. The Island is perfect for picnics and for those who want to spend a relaxing day in New York. The park is however only open during the summer so don’t miss out.

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