Miami South Beach- So RETRO!

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A business trip? Kill two birds with one stone:)

Last year I took a few business trips to USA. Every time I flew there I tried to visit other places than the business parks as well. The last trip I had was pretty well organised:) I had to be in Las Vegas for 5 days Mon-Fri, but since i loooove the ocean, I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

Las Vegas- Business

I left London on Sunday morning and landed in LV in the afternoon.I stayed in the Trump Hotel (highly recommend) and got a free room upgrade! At the end the apartment I stayed in was 3x larger than the one I have in London! There was an amazing bathroom (actually two, one of them was larger than my living room in UK:) with a desert view from the bath itself! But anyway, the great thing was that i left LV on Friday night and on Saturday morning I was already at Miami Airport!

Miami- South Beach- Pleasure

Getting from the airport to the hotel in South Beach was the most pleasant transfer I have ever had! Forget about taxis, trains, metro and take the bus. Yes, the bus! It takes 20 minutes and cost… $2.75 (!!!!) and it stops just in the front of popular hotels! (again just to compare to London- one way to Stansted airport by trains cost approx. 30 GBP (!) and by taxi 50 GBP! (It should be calles a crime!). I booked Richmond Hotel just in the middle of South Beach (for those who are not aware this is where you want to stay when you visit Florida!), 5 minutes walk from Lincoln Road.

After check-in at the hotel, I headed to the beach. I have never seen such a wide, sandy beach in my life! and all of that just minutes walk from the city! Here is a photo I took with my iPhone, no filters have been used:

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road is a pedestrian-only promenade and the epicenter of what’s happening in South Beach and offers unique shopping, sidewalk cafes, bars, galleries, and fine dining. I went out for a walk along Lincoln Road in the first evening. The vibe of this place is like nowhere else and everything is so RETRO!

Going back

I stayed in Miami for two days. Since my flight was only at 6 p.m. on Sunday. I checked out from my room at 11 a.m., but stayed next to the pool till the afternoon, then again I hopped on the bus and in 20 minutes i was at the airport. A flight to London takes 6 hours, I landed on Monday morning and at 9.30 a.m. I was already at the front of my desk, in the office;)

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