From a European to Californian Girl

Finally I had saved enough money to take the vacation of my dreams by visiting the West Coast of the United States and thanks to the cheap hotels in San Francisco, my dream became reality. I’ve spent the biggest portion of my life living all over Europe, a wonderful country I might add, but have always wanted to visit a place that always had sunny skies (no rain!). Over the years I have poured over travel magazines planning the perfect California vacation and finally off I went!

My first stop was a 2 day stay in San Francisco, and the first place I visited was the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge. All I can say is Wow! It has to be one of the world’s most stunning bridges! I took a tour bus to cross the bridge and delight in the panoramic view it offers, and it ended up being the perfect way to enjoy the experience. Next I did something that everyone should do while in San Francisco; ride a cable car! Cable cars are an iconic San Francisco tradition and a really fun way to get around the city. I always managed to get an outside seat which is the best way to enjoy the experience, loving every minute as they clattered along the vibrant San Francisco streets. Before leaving San Francisco I decided to visit Alcatraz prison which is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions and it was definitely worth the trip. It’s amazing to step back in time and imagine what the prisoner’s held here were like, almost haunting really.

I also visited Fisherman’s Wharf and had fun mingling with the locals and buying some tasty treats to enjoy later in my lovely cheap hotel room just minutes away. I was really pleased with my accommodations and had no idea that the cheap hotel rooms in California would also be as luxurious as they ended up being, and in convenient locations; a fantastic surprise! I am really going to miss San Francisco and decided I would be returning one day.

My next stop was the famous city of Los Angeles and vicinity where I visited one of my childhood friends who moved to Malibu, CA years before. It was so good to see her and it felt like time hadn’t passed at all; we were like excited young girls again.

Enterprise Fish Co

Enterprise Fish Co

She couldn’t wait to take me out to see the sights in her lovely Malibu and a few of the charming cities nestled around it. Right from the airport we headed out to explore the city, all under sunny, cloudless skies, enjoying the mild California weather that couldn’t be more perfect. I was starving so she took me to her favorite restaurant for lunch, the Fish Enterprise Co. in Santa Barbara. It’s a great place to chill out when you  It was a fantastic restaurant with an extensive menu that made it hard to decide which tasty dish to order. We decided on oysters and they were delish! The restaurant has also been voted the “Best Happy Hour Venue” in town and I can see why. They have affordable drinks and a fun crowd, a great way to spend the evening after exploring the city.

Back in Malibu, I really got a feel for what California is all about. Beautiful beaches; said to be the best in the Los Angeles area, scenic parks, a fun variety of bars and restaurants and darling boutiques. My friend new all the best sights to see, the best places to eat and the best beach bar hang outs. We had such a great time and managed to pack in tons of fun together in just a couple of day’s time. I must say that by the end of my stay I found it difficult to leave.

I’m back home in London again, which I do love for many reasons, but I am already planning my next trip to the sunny West Coast of the US. I’ve already started making a list of the cheap hotel rooms to consider when I’m ready to pick a date and continue my adventures along the beautiful California coastlines.

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