Chill Out or Shopping? What to do in Chianti During Holidays

Tuscany is a place that inspires a lot of different itineraries: you could go sightseeing, visit the art cities and their monuments and museums; or maybe you prefer enogastronomic routes, discovering the countryside surrounded by amazing landscapes; or go shopping at the luxury boutiques in the center of Florence; or choose a relaxing stay in a thermal bath, a nice idea for your wellness.

All these suggestions are within your reach if you go to Chianti area, the most romantic side of Tuscany. All the year around you’ll find events, enchanting venues, funny activities and many more, the only thing to do first is book one of the Tuscan country hotels that offer many services.

About enogastronomic itineraries, every tourist wants to taste the genuine Chianti wine: our tip is to reserve a guided tour to a wine cellar, where to meet the winemakers and recognize the true high quality of this Tuscan jewel.

The extravirgin olive oil is another delicious peculiarity, in fact many recipes have oil among other ingredients (try, for example, the “ribollita” soup).

Chianti means also oak woods, Medieval castles and watch towers, abbeys and farm houses close to little towns that you can visit by walk.

Shopping is one of the favorite activities to do during a Tuscan stay: the Prada Outlet at Montevarchi is ideal for shopping addicted, a place where to buy the best clothes and accessories from the trendiest Italian brands.

The most important thing to do is find accommodations in Chianti, so you can move across the region and discover why actors, musicians and others creatives love this side of Italy.

People who likes art cities probably will visit Florence and Siena, the most famous locations in Tuscany, rich of masterpieces and cultural initiatives.

In Florence, from 13th to 16th September, there will be Emozioni dal Chianti, a festival at Piazza della Repubblica with many stands, handicrafts and local products, a nice idea for a souvenir!

In Siena try the peculiar Contradas dinner, because during all the year each Contrada organizes parties and dinners: furthermore, each Contrada has a museum and a hall with the “drappelloni” (typical banners) and the Medieval costumes, the best way to knwo Siena’s history and understand why Palio is so important here.

Tuscany is waiting for all the travellers that love art, nature and beauty: a destination that constantly renovates itself.

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