A Gate to Nowhere- Topanga, CA

A gate to knowhere in Topanga, CA

I recently visited a friend in Malibu, CA. I love California! It’s all about the ocean, beautiful weather and always smiled people (how could you not be there!). Anyway, one day, my friend took me to Topanga, CA. What a place! it’s filled with nature, artists and amazing views! It definitely makes me dream about leaving rainy London and moving there for awhile. And actually, why not? We have only one life! Again. I am moving away from the subject…

So we travelled to Topanga, to get there from Malibu, you have to drive through Malibu Canyon, and take a very steep road up the hills. Since the road is very curvy and narrow, it can make you a bit sick to be honest, but the views are breathtaking! we drove for while and then when we stop next to the house, my friend loves. We spoke to the owner for while and then he showed us the garden with so beautiful untouched plants. And there was also that small gate! impossible to open with a small brook behind. and here is the image…

A gate to nowhere in Topanga, CA

A gate to nowhere in Topanga, CA

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