Belize Beaches

Belize is an exciting Central American country filled with stunning beaches providing the perfect chill out spots if you’re looking for a place to relax.

Belize Beach- absolutely crazy, awesome view

Belize Beach- absolutely crazy, awesome view

You’ll also find countless historical sites to visit that are so inspiring that they will literally take your breath away.

You can take a journey back in time by visiting the Maya pyramids at Altun Ha, Caracol, Xunantunich and Lamanai and marvel at just what the human race is able to create, even all those centuries ago.

One of the most popular tourist activities in Belize can be found in the Cayo district and it’s underlying system of underground caves, rivers and sinkholes. The caves are spectacular, filled with an amazing amount of massive caverns and passages, waterfalls and remarkable myriad of stalagmites and stalactites. This subterranean environment was revered by the ancient Mayans and countless artifacts are still unchanged in the incredible caves and underground hidden places.

Belize’s Great Barrier Reef is a sight you will never forget and provides everyone that visits with countless, fun outdoor activities. You can enjoy diving, fishing, snorkeling, parasailing or just enjoy a leisurely swim. You can also book a cruise along the coast which travels 170 miles with unforgettable panoramic views and is the perfect place to relax. You’ll also enjoy the countless islands in Belize, the perfect chill out spots that offer some of the worlds best fishing experiences. Another must see are the tropical rain forests with their remarkable wildlife and bird watching activities..

When it comes to dining, Belize offers a wonderful assortment of local delicacies like tamales stuffed with spicy meats or sweets, tacos and burritos made with homemade corn and flour tortillas. You’ll also enjoy the tasty beans and rice and soothing soups.

For those who enjoy the night life, Belize will not disappoint. You’ll find a variety of nightclubs and bars throughout the area as well and the Belize Casinos that are so popular. Belize even has its own national beer called Beliken, which comes in four different varieties. They also have their own local molasses tasting rum called Barrel Rum and Travelers Rum. If you prefer wine, you will want to try their Cashew wine which is a favorite in Belize along with their blackberry, ginger and sorrel wine, all worth trying.

From Belize’s lush tropical rain forest to its caves, ancient ruins, Great Barrier Reef and night life, Belize offers some of the best chill out spots in the world.

Getting to Belize isn’t a problem because most national airlines will get you there from just about any location.