Chill Out Spots in Asia

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Asia is the largest continent on earth, with a wide range of geographical variations, from the hot equatorial to the bone-chilling North Pole regions and the best chill out spots

Asia is the largest continent on earth with a wide range of chill out spots...

Business centers like Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, etc. have been the major destinations but several serene places exist in Asia, if you wish to chill out on a peaceful vacation at isolated spots. The beaches of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are already famous globally as ideal naturally beautiful tourist spots, with Bali Island and Phuket being the most favored travel destination. Still, several other rare destinations in Asia that abound with exquisiteness of nature have not been widely known.
Mount Fuji with its snow-covered high altitudes and the southern island of Yakushima, home to ancient tropical forests and grand mountains are ideal places to rest and recuperate in Japan. Nepal in the Himalayas, with its Chitwan National Park, the ancient Gandaki River, and the towering mountain ranges, is as remote a place as anyone can find on earth but a visit is feast to eyes, body, and mind. The Tubbataha Reef in Philippines is a coral reef area that can truly rival the Great Barrier Reef, with its steep drops and wide range of coral and fish species. Another little known remote place with natural scenery, excellent beaches, and temperate climate is the Island of Jeju in the Korean Peninsula, a self-governing province with a unique culture. Apart from Phuket and the Angkor Vat temples, the Khao Yai National Park in Thailand is a good place to unwind and relax.

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